Creative. Innovative. Impactful. That's Technotainment

Imagine crossing artificial intelligence with marketing smarts.

Promotional life-sized robots are excellent platforms to connect to consumers, differentiate your organization from the competition and build your brand. The robot experience is created when robot meets human. Our unique creation of the experience is best explained as a cross between technotainment and experiential marketing. The encounter is a form of intimate business theatre where we deliver brand messages to individuals or small groups in an entertaining, memorable fashion. A concealed, experienced performer brings the robot to life remotely from within the working environment assuring a fresh performance at each event. Guiding the robot throughout an audience, the performer engages individuals in spontaneous conversations. Skilled at combining brand building with fun, their dialogue is delightfully entertaining, while at the same time effective in delivering a positive, lasting impression.

At trade shows, retail, hospitality events, sales meetings or any special event the marketing technotainment specialists guarantee results!